John Blair Moore
Terms of Agreement

Contacting  Me
You can reach me by email:
or phone:  1 314 664 9687 (USA)
use my secure PayPal link
We discuss what you think you want. I then try to figure out what you really want.
I recommend email exchanges. They don't demand good memory or instant comprehension.
In the course of our discussion, I will submit rough pencil sketches which can be dissected, 
altered and supplanted, until the concept is acceptable to you. These too can be passed by email,
or fax if you prefer. 
Only when I recieve a go ahead from you will I proceed to do the final art.
the FEE
My fees are based on an understanding of the job. From the description you give, my assessment of the work involved, and how you plan to use the artwork. Rush work invokes a premium.
I can give you a bid based on the above information, or I can bill based on an hourly rate.  In that case, my rate is $ 75 an hour, or £50 UK, with a three hour minimum.
I charge a "kill fee" for jobs terminated by the client after work has been done but before delivery of final art, equal to 50% of the negotiated amount. 
If you are a new client,  I'll ask for an up front payment somewhere  between 25% and
50% to begin work.  I'm sorry, but experience makes this necessary.
In any case,  my charges are in line with current practices in the trade.
You have two options here.  First Use rights, and Full rights.
First Use means you are only buying the right to use the art for a specific purpose.  I retain copyright and any subsequent use you might want must be negotiated.
Full rights covers everything.  The art is yours exclusively, for any future uses that might occur to you. 
Rough sketches and ideas that are passed up in the process remain my property.
All questions are fair game,  and I'll do my best to make the process as painless and enjoyable as I can.

You can contact me right NOW
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