The Wisdom of John Blair Moore

The greatest wisdom John Blair Moore received as a child was always to keep his eyes and ears open, so as to learn and come to understand the workings of all the World.

He feels he has kept to his part of the bargain, but many things still persist in not making any sense.

Nevertheless, he has assembled a goodly number of the jigsaw pieces to the Cosmic Puzzle, but only the easy ones around the edges.

It is somewhat of a relief to know that some of the Eternal Truths are just dumb, and therefore not worth troubling over, such as "Nothing Rhymes With Orange." But even so, there is still a residue of nagging inconsistencies that keeps him up some nights.

Some of the questions that plague him:

Through the dynamic medium of cartoons, Moore hopes to continue exploring the Mysteries of Being, and to someday further the betterment of Mankind by adding Meaning to the list of words least often looked up in the dictionary.Until that time comes, at least we can have a good laugh.