how to order things
Obviously I want to make it easy for you to give me money.
Just follow these instructions
and I'll do my very best to get the items to you
as fast as possible.


Credit Card:

Just click on the PayPal button
like this one
Pay with PayPal
and enter the name or description of the item(s)
and the total price.
Add $1 postage for one item, $2 will do for any combination of more than one.

You can find the name of any image file by right clicking on the picture
and selecting Save Image or the equivalent.
You don't have to save it,  just note the name of the file in the save window.

If you don't already have a PayPal account,
they'll guide you to open one.  It's free and very safe.
You'll get an instant email acknowledgement,
and my busy little nuerbles will speed the goodies on their way.


Cash, Check,  Money Orders or Precious Gems:

Just send me an email
listing what you want, and I'll send you my
mailing address and an official total.
I'll also personally answer any questions,
within the bounds of decency.

Either way you have my undying personal thanks.

just send me money
Pay with PayPal

magazine covers
$5 each,  $20 set of all five
plus $1 postage
Pay with PayPal

illustrated fiction
$9.95 each
plus $1 postage

fine art

Pay with PayPal
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